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Selling: -White Ardmair Mask -Snowbound Lord's diadem of ice -Crowns (pink, orange, yellow, red and green) -Frostgaurd hat (yellow and red) -Royal Witches pitchfork -Boggan Ravager charm -Revenant Ring of Regeneration (5 per tick) -Master wand of secrets -Dawn Princes Diadem of Ice (Purple) -Black A...


Buying a Wolf mask. I dont really care about the color, they are all so awesome. Preferably a flaming one.
Also, selling a white ardmair mask or trading one for a flaming wolf mask

If your interested, find me in-game. Cha0s


• Selling Orange, Pink, Yellow, Red and Green crowns!
• Selling White Ardmair Mask
• Selling Royal Witches pitchfork
•Buying Regal Opal Bow (level 100 req)
• Buying XPs
If your interested in buying or selling something please mail --- MyVault -----


buying 2 yellow rems of metal/ red admair gloves, boots/ Fire Storm/ Fire Attuned/ A good offhand


Re: Clans?

Funny how chaos likes to talk about scammers, I'm a level 60 in dupstep and chaos last time came up to me while I was doing daily and started killing me when I'm 40 levels lower than him, then he starts saying that Jamison sucks and his clan is weak and starts using foul language when Jamison is mo...

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