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Re: New Areas...

I also have wanted a Fey forest off of stonevale farm that leads to the fairy queen's castle, as described in the Tam Lin quest story line. I always imagined it as a path less forest full of wierd creatures, so you have to keep your bearings to get to the castle. It could be like another ow. Kinda ...

Re: Great 200 event boss tip

I never said spam restos :lol: What the op message is my opinion on the boss, and so far it works for our server. But running away from aoe every 3 sec will not get the boss killed, and if it did like i said earlier you would be there all day. Okay so you refuse to prove me wrong or show me where y...

Re: Info about herne

Curry30423 wrote:
Oui wrote:
Curry30423 wrote:Im still searching for a wild barbie so I can get revenge on my chickens._.

Im eating chicken with the King. Find me in the castle.

I wills wen my iPod stop crashing e.e

Some guardian of the chickens you are. They will be extinct by time you get on. :lol:

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