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Re: Just Checking In...

While I no longer play the game, I do stop in every month or so on the forums to check in lol. But yeah it's good to hear from you old pal! Y'all can't get rid of me that easily. 2012 seems like ages ago. Talk about a nostalgia wave! I remember the first time I met you, I was a helpless noobie, and ...

How are yall

Not active, but will always love this game and Danu of course!
How is everything going, clans and such

Re: Tenure

I started in early January 2012 (mightve been december 2011 idk) but even though I retired Hogana, I pop in every so often. I loved my clan Finalboss, but when it disbanded, I started to play less and less, and eventually stopped. Im very proud of my red samhain hat. I have interesting stories, such...

Re: CH soundtrack?

You would've loved the Zelda Symphony then. My brother had tickets he bought 40 bucks that ended up 200 a piece. I've always had a thing for the Mortal Kombat song where I dance and get in the zone... ..The Twilight Zone. I went to the Zelda Symphony. :mrgreen: The Symphony of the Goddess is what i...

CH soundtrack?

I love soundtracks for video games. They give me life. (Legend of Zelda, Fire emblem, more LoZ)

Does CH have a soundtrack? And if so, where can we get it?

Summer plans

So I'll be getting out of school soon, and summer is approaching with haste. SOoo I was wondering if yall have any interesting summer plans, as its always fun to be jealous of someone and their awesome trip plans. :mrgreen:

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