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Re: Aeq and Divine glory

Nuke there is a lot of hatred on the server, if he is doing that fair enough but Exodus and others have on many occasions, ks or tried to steal kills and vise versa.

No need to post here, ill speak to dub becuase tbh im sick of this... btw hope youre well.

Re: Would you be happy?

I wasn't trying to make a clan battle, I was simply pointing out to updown that 100 percent of the negative feedback came from one clan, not the opinion of the entire server. Fair enough but who says our clan wouldnt have him back? Independent views really, if i woke up one day and he was in clan i...

Re: Would you be happy?

DrShmeckle wrote:Notice updown, all the negative feedback came from 1 clan. To quote autolycus and taylor swift, haters ganna hate hate hate

No hate lmao, id welcome him back. But no need to act the way he does.

Re: Would you be happy?

Na. The way you acted was uncalled for, 'no one can buy my s*it, I dont have time for games!' When people expressed they were upset you quit, then you reply like youre too good for them. Smh...

Re: Would you be happy?

Unfortunately this isn't the past Aeryn, life have been hard and there is no time for a video game, Nick, if i wont log there no one would be able to buy my ****, i don't even remember what i have i rememebr one item, which is black phoniex rod, I'll say again and i am truly sorry, i will never com...

Re: Spyrestone Bracers

I miss the EDL spry brace drops. We stacked them up when they dropped from EDL. I haven't heard of a single one dropping since it was changed to sentinels. These braces really aren't even that great to be so rare now. Another month of Proteus and Clans will prob have no use for the spry braces anym...

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