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Re: Trade Me

GlowsticOnLugh wrote:gawd damn it i wish i had a device right now i would of sold u my masters grim in a second

Hmm, Got your i-device yet?

Re: Rare Samhain Mounts

Not this topic again... It's so clear why they're rare.. It's why you guys are complaining about why they are so rare... IT'S A COOL MOUNT IT SHOULD BE RARE IT FLAPS ITS WINGS IN THE NEW ENGINE I think i've said enough. It's rare and if you're lucky to get one then good for you. However the amount ...

Trade Me

Selling golden helm of prowess (100k)

Selling heroic gloves of haste (100k)

Buying Masters grimoire

Buying book of alt

Re: Scammer alert

Wow.. Thats so sad..
I remember 2 years ago a similar scenario happen to me, Luckily for me that person was very kind and didn't even accept the trade till i put a fair amount of items in...

Oh yeah.. I didn't know you lived in the land down under... (so do i)

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