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Re: To get a list of All mobs

Didn’t know people had actually succeeded in doing this stuff. I am curious if not against TOS is there a way to download my characters 3D models? I’d love to be able to 3D print them if I could? If you can see it ingame, it's there somewhere. Since it is technically against the TOS I'll let you fi...

Re: Any updateeeeeeee

Hoooo boy it's been a while since old fury did one of these, but it's about time Shutdown the game. Easy as one, two, three. I think its time to shutdown the game. Its been 10 yrs. and everyone enjoy the game "Shutdown the game... everyone enjoy the game" doesn't make much sense now does i...

Re: Give us something DEVS

The durabilty, LOL!!! Actually completing frozen armor set in Celtic Heroes is a pain in the a** than repairing armor in Warhammer. Frozen armor is pretty much free on most worlds... Repairing stuff in warhammer is the complete opposite, if you aren't smart with your spending you can easily bankrup...

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