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Re: Warrior


любовь всей моей жизни, что Вы не будете чувство, мать

Armor vs Health

I couldnt find a topic on this unless i didnt look hard enough. which is better to have, armor or health? Protective stance maxed really does make a difference but when im dps i use frenzy. I notice I take alot more damage without stance. If i stacked up on health items would that be just as good as...

Re: I apologize, but I understand

I may get kicked and killed or punished in some way for this but here it goes....people say resurgence in a general term like everyone in it is a bully or a killer. I thought this before I joined, but i realized not everyone is mean and cruel..Really none of them are, they are nice and pretty funny....

Sellin some fashion

purple smugglers coat
Yellow smugglers coat, gloves and mask
red smugglers coat
blue fg top

Full yellow hunter, top and boots spooky, also yellow stalker mask, 250k

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