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Server Broken

Atleast on Lugh, no skills can be cast, no mounts can be used, ah cannot be accessed and similar issues exist in the castle, murky and summoning at the very least, mobs are all frozen and cannot be auto'd, and thing such as that. For some reason though all chats work fine.

Re: Would you start a new clan or join a small clan to compete with endgame clans?

To the main topic, you'd probably have a better time joining an already established clan than creating a new one. The already created clan will likely have a few members like you, saving the need for you to start from scratch and trying to get already dedicated players in another small clan to join ...

Re: Clans in Lugh that Dice

I feel like the first few posts of the thread gave sufficient information to anyone genuinely interested. If you try to undermine a clan, and disguise it as "providing more information", I will step in. They were a bunch of false information that caused me to xfer for no reason just ton o...

Re: Clans in Lugh that Dice

As far as my observation, they have failed to kill necro and wiped many times since they started, i believe they got 1-3 hrung kills, they are uncapable of killing mordy, and gele. They killed prot once and its been few months since i believe. No bloodthorn off course, i think they have created 1-2...

Re: New item drop locations

At least there not no trade, unlike their predecessors. There are a few things to consider though: -Do they replace older apprentice and master enemies -If so, do they drop their item one hundred percent of the time or are there still weapon shards -For the similar weapons/ jewellery, does one boss ...

Re: Independent

To clarify Ghosly, What i mean is until she is gone i wont try and invest any more time in the game, because it wont go anywhere. I have already invested enough time and money in for very little progress under her(maybe even infact reggresion in some areas). Believe me, id love to come back and shak...

Re: Stock market

Muldar wrote:
Loco cola wrote:
Algebra wrote:
Celtic Heroes is not on the stock market.

That doesn't mean they refuse inventors.

We are a privately held company.

I'm not sure how exactly Proprietary companies function in Ireland (If thats where OTM operate), but im pretty sure its still possible to get equity in the company

Re: Independent

@GhostlyBlaze What you need to realize is that the cards have all played out in their favor, by chance or by design. The "Non-Alliance" side could have flourished, with many good people and high level toons. The thing is, this never occurred due to a variety of reasons that can all be trac...

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