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Endgame Dps Guide For Necro

This short guide will cover what is in my opinion the best possible dps setup for an endgame ranger at necro. I believe Rangers have an edge at this encounter over an equally geared rogue. Not only can they do slightly better dps, staying out of the aoe lifesteal range makes them the most efficient ...

Re: Guide: How to kill Proteus

We go to the doorway. By middle of the room I meant inlatitude I didn't explain position very well We tried something that worked out very well. We did what you said, and had the offtank sit in the doorway and occupy all the room adds. But then we took Proteus and tanked him in the middle of the ro...

Re: Druid Kills

LeGenDzZ wrote:Key to kills is nature magic gear and magic lure. A Druid for a Mord killer on Gwydion though this.

A maxed out magic lure would help for sure, although I have my doubts you were present when the Druid got the kill lol.

Re: Druid Kills

A Druid could very well contend some mord kills. But it would take a hybrid auto/skill build imo, and the gear required would always be better off on a rogue/ranger. But just for fun, you could use a moon helm, gara/skain poison set, reaper ring, and two high level poison dmg rings or totem necro ri...

Re: Gele Armour

Is there no class restriction on the doch gul drops? Thought I saw one green and another yellow. As far as gearing goes, I think it would be very beneficial give tanks the armor pieces with a defense boost, despite the lack of armor/Chaos resist. And rogues/Rangers with either full doch gul or a mix...

Re: Proteus Healing

Thanks for all the tips, this post was before we knew about 50 lures taking off those wards lol. We have just dpsd through the heals for the most part. I have preached high melee ability for warriors and ice ability for mages but not everyone has been using the correct gear. I will push for it more ...

Re: Double attack question

I don't think it converts damage at all. As others have said it just doubles the damage of an auto. If you can land a 1200 auto on a raid boss, double attack will multiply that by two for roughly a 2400 skill hit. And the dmg will fluctuate just as much as autos do.

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