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Re: Those of Us Left

I’m from 2011 too :D I think some old players are busy with the Unity Update but the others just got bored of the game. It’s just become so boring, hopefully that will change. I’m sure there are plenty more oldies just waiting for game to get more interesting 8-) they will be back Edit** just realiz...

Re: World Progress

Rosmerta: For the longest time, clan Forever dominated Rosmerta. I mean, for YEARS Rosmerta was dominated. Just recently, uprisings caused lots of competition, and a new clan Reality, setting Forever back on Bloodthorn. We kill all bosses on spawn up to Gele. Gelebron is super organized and a clean ...

Re: Oldtimers

benbrook wrote:No more of this crack for me! Must resist!

Me, Thyra, Stretch still play. Rosmerta is pretty boring right now honestly. If you’re productive irl, I’d just wait for garden update to get addicted again lol

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