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Re: New Clan: Reciprocity

BlazingFrost was indeed one of the oldest clans - only one older that is still in existence is Infection. :) BF was created just after beta by Acg. Would love to see ya back, Brown - I had all kinds of stuff saved for ya! lol

New Clan: Reciprocity

Reciprocity is an autonomous, neutral clan which rose from the ashes of one of Herne's oldest clans, BlazingFrost. We have only one true rule, The Golden Rule: "Do unto others as you would have done unto you." We are accepting new members. Attitude and general maturity is more important th...

Re: Merry F-ing Christmas

I don't think some of you are really reading my original post because you seem to have missed why I am angry. I have been declined before on Killian in the arena and It's never been this much of an issue. My issue was that I actually attacked Killian first because Fraser was busy killing people in a...

Re: Merry F-ing Christmas

Playing both sides? Is that what you call a clan who has little to no chance to equip its own members with DL at the moment? Tell me exactly how being neutral is benefitting BF, beyond sparing a few headaches, will ya? I train exclusively SOLO because - heaven forbid - I might be seen as allying wit...

Merry F-ing Christmas

Today wasn't the best holiday in real life for a number of reasons I won't even get into, but I logged in this evening to try to unwind a little and maybe improve my mood. After a few Merry Christmas wishes in the arena, Killian spawns, and I attack, immediately inviting Fraser and several of his al...

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