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I have returned.

To everyone I've seen post on forums. Moo, Maclir, Onion! DrPeppers has been unbanned. Let's get in touch with each other and talk about a return! I miss you guys!

Re: Wiz

Long live the Peppers! I just got my account back man. Hit me up i just PM'd you.

OTM Admins

What ever happened to Admin(Richard) or Wulver? Haven't seen any of them since the OW beta on iOS. Used to have boss battles with Admin in Rosmerta! He put all 199 skill points into Vitality back then and we found enough death caps to kill him. Rosmerta was also the first server to heal his health f...

Email Reset!

I have emailed support today and three days prior. I supplied to them the necessary information to the best of my ability and have yet to receive a response. I've been playing this game off and on for 5-6 years now and never have I waited this long for support to respond to me. Please if you see thi...

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