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Re: What the!

sorry missed two others in sv theres a demonologist he drops some good gems and then theres a taxman he drops 3k

Re: What the!

i saw a gemcutter in crrok he just drops simple things like sapphire, diamond, pearl nothin special just gems
theres a goldbones in cata drops700 gold
crystal horns in sv

Re: my new mage

um hey thx i have allready made one up i am lvl 10 with 275 mana main ly cause i have an 100extra energy orb um full silk and a yulestave my skills are at 5/5 firebolt 5/5 ic shards 2/5 incombat regen energy thing the shards have a lot of energy cost but the 275 mana doesnt make it that much did i g...

Re: Joke

hears a pretty childish joke but here goes a parrot is released from a zoo on that day he comes across a robbery and he hears people shouting "SHOOT EM DOWN SHOOT EM DOWN" so the parrot replies copies and says "SHOOT EM DOWN SHOOT EM DOWN" the next day the parrot comes across a ...


ok so i was trying to sell my 40k orb for 29k right and some guy lvl 1 has 25k and i say sure its only 4k off my original price and i figured cause he was lvl 1 he would have like a main lvl 70-80 but i was wrong we entered trade and he showed me his 25997 and i put my orb in i said deal and i am ve...

Re: Your Favorite Celtic Hero Memory

Mine was when I was like lvl 35 and thought eh fellfire is easy what the hay. So I gather a group of lvl 30-50 and think we'd beat this bg red wisp or whatever and smash it to the ground, so we're there and a group member, Kitte. Just rambos it and runs in there but before she could tap it, she get...

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