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Re: Favourite book(s)

Well, I've read a lot of books in my short 12 years as a kid, but I liked the

Seventh son series
The Gone series (my favourite book series, a must read)
The Giver
Pathfinder series
Divergent series
Hunger Games series

And a lot of standalone books that I can't rember :/

Rimple2 selling

This is all I am selling, lots and lots of stuff. Hats Snowman head (5k) Yellow Yuletide Helpers Hat (25k) Green Nature Mask (3k) Yellow Nature Mask (2k) Pink Phoenix Crest (5k) Orange Summer Garland (2k) Rems Tabs and Discs Red Rem of Rock (3k) Yellow Rem of Earth (1.5k) Yellow Rem of Rock (3k) Ear...

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