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Re: Superninja saying good bye :(

SF you really are mentally challenged. Calling me a bottom feeder for JOKING?! Go climb back into a bottle and get comfy, leave the real verbal pundits to their job eh? :roll: BTW - searched every post mentioning my name and not OME of my clannies say anything about me like you described. You're a s...

Re: Patch today

Anyone seen additional dragons?

I've also yet to see a moon mask guy though there are a few peeps wearing em. Figured with the sped up spawn time I'd catch a glimps of one. Alas tis not the case.

Re: Superninja saying good bye :(

8-) Ok tard - First off: you are the best ranger hands down. Secondly: idgaf what your motivation is but just retire, can always come back ffs. Thirdly: of all my friends I've made in this game, you are one of the closest and I know we won't lose touch but seeing you sign on during a boss fight alwa...

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