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Item Haul Out from 2011-2014 player Arawn / Crom / Danu

Howdy Everyone, downloaded the game the other day to see how it was going from when I left in 2014 and apart from the re-textured same items we got every update looks like nothing has changed, or at least what I could notice. Instead of doing a post on each world I thought may as well make a general...

Selling Lux / Rare Items for Arawn Gold / Items / Plat Items

I'm looking to sell these items for equivalent value or close to that in Arawn items, gold or plat items. DM or reply here if you are interested. Thanks Heroic Gloves of Haste Heroic Amulet of Rejuvenation Revenant Bracelet of of Revitalisation Golden Shrink Charm Golden Growth Charm Galars Ironbark...

Re: Scammers.

It would definitely be nice to be able to transfer items form one world to another, maybe even an all world mail box. Transfers have been asked for, for ages now.

Re: New Game

I don't play pc mmorpgs much, but one I do play is archeage. It's a fully open world sandbox type mmorpg. You can fly, swim, craft, and so many other things, and once you get higher level it gets a bit interesting ;) As for mobile ones, I play oac mainly now. It's still enjoyable. It is a little co...

Re: New Game

I did think about getting Guild Wars 2 last year but I didn't end up getting it, right now I am waiting for Albion Online to be released whenever that will be I am excited for that it also has cross platforming so you can play on PC, Mac, iOS, Android and so on it sort of looks like Runescape but it...


Farewell everyone i have quit the game again :lol: alright well have a good one and maybe i'll see some of you in a new game or when i come on for a visit in a couple of years.



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