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Re: New clan on Gwydion

Hey guys! Not sure if any of you still remember me, but I am a Gwydion player returning from a while ago (aka about nine months I think?). Just joined Divergent and look forward to contributing over the Summer! Good to see there are still some souls relentlessly resisting relentless :D Looking forwa...

Re: Sword Warriors

I completely agree. It is ridiculous that warriors can't really use swords lol. I don't know if rupture should be extended to swords, but maybe another skill that was sword-specific?

Re: Be careful when trading

Trust trades are a way to weed out the dumbest of the dumb on our beautiful servers, think of it as Celtic natural selection. The only con to it is the scammer benefiting, scammers are the biggest scum, should be hanged publicly in castle if it was up to me. That would actually be kind of cool if w...

Re: Closed Beta Sharing Screenshots

It's like watching previews to a movie before you go see it. I guess I don't see the issue and why people are actually mad about it... Oh no they shared some photos!!!! For servers with clan warfare, it could give an unfair advantage to one of the clans if one of the people in beta were to leak inf...

Re: Gwydion Down the Memory Lane

I miss my old clan, Clan Them . Specifically, I miss the initiation ritual that we had where we would have the new member meet down at the dock where all of the new players would appear and we would gather with our torches in a circle around the incoming clan member and I would give that person a D...

Re: What armour is best?

Like Potato said, just use the quest armor. One small tip though: you will get to a point where you will be able to upgrade your warden armor to the next level (meteoric). DO NOT DO THIS until you have the drops to upgrade at least the gloves, boots, AND helm. This is because if you upgrade just one...

Re: Banned Chieftain

I'll discuss the option of changing chieftan further with the Support and Programming Teams. However as the clan system hooks into a number of different database tables if I recall, it caused a number of issues last time we attempted it. Why don't u just unban, promote a gen and then ban again lol ...

Re: Relic Cheating

RoyalBratt wrote:They are bots... they don’t log in and out but are standing over hunter remains and cracker locations throughout the castle and Lirs 24/7.

Gotcha. I was just clarifying that there is a difference.

Re: Clan Aithne: It means fire

Just Q....hmm reminds me of a guy I used to know named Quercos. Started a clan named "Them" that had a lot of the same social goals as Aithne....could it be the same guy?!?

Edit: Lol just read your other post! It is Quercos! Long time no see!

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