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Re: Leveling

Ello again! Sorry there was a lot of confusion about what I was talking about. I was talking about stargem set. And my lux is icecrystal band (75 vit ring) haste ring, wyldgrove ring (40 vit 40 focus) wyldgrove brace of the mountain (50 vit and something else) wyldgrove ammy of the mountain (80 vit ...

Re: Leveling

Oh and 1 more thing! Should I buy like all 1k chests then sell or buy the combos needed for 150 then chests. I'm hoping people will be selling combos on double plat day.


Hello, I am TroyTheGreat4, former player of Gwydion. I am a widely proud plat buyer. I was doing some calculations and from what I'm hearing, with the new update will come double platinum. If this is true, I want to buy 550$ worth of plat. Then I've been trying to figure out how hard the leveling is...

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