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Account recovery

Hello OTM, i've sent this to muldar@onethumbile.com and support@onethumbmobile.com. I've waited and have recieved no reply yet so i'm trying the forums. I will just copy and paste the mail: Dear OTM, I've recently had the idea to give Celtic Heroes another try. I am able to log in to my main account...

Re: -,-

The immaturity is strong in this discussion.


And i am not a reject, nor am i trying to really annoy the rival clan, actually it is the first time i grief this clan. Recent events with some of their clanmembers (which i will not name because i am not an ignorant douche) made me change my mind. Nhdk, you should ask a clannie of yours, a 175 or s...


You must be new to this game. Your lovely clannies have been doing this for months to voidlegion. And you have had many complaints about me? Ha, that is pure bullscheiße. If griefing would be against the rules, herne would be an empty desert. Not my problem your clan's tanks weren't able to hold agg...

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