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Re: 150% event April fools

Amidst the doom and gloom, if this is an April fool joke, then I would say it is done in very bad taste. I hope VR is not that insensitive to all the sufferings in the real world and pull such a joke. There’s no way the joke would be NO event.. If it is something April Fools (which I doubt) it woul...

Re: Crazy rogue stats

https://s22.postimg.cc/p651ez2xt/Screenshot_20180805-154408.png So far, still need a few pieces of gear and better food I have tried similar stats. Can’t even kill shadow hound these stats. Now I am mostly vit and I kill shadow hounds with more than half hp left. These kind of insane stats are good...

Breaking News - Toothpick updating the Rogue Guide

Toothpick lives up to his legendary status on Epona. My level one toon on Epona pm him to chat and to my pleasant surprise, he was very friendly and willing to share with an unknown noob. Most high level players would have ignored a level 1 noob. Toothpick lives up to his reputation of being a perso...

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