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Slightly Inactive

I just wanted to make it known that the reason I haven't been posting on the forums over the past few days is because I went out of town and just got back two days ago. I would have been lurking the forums as normal, but since I've been back, there has been about 14 inches of rain and the flooding h...

Re: Players

...although I am willing to entertain the possibility that your novel spellings are a form of phonetic, regional dialect, I am quite sure that when it is written some punctuation is used...

I pretty much died when I read that.

Re: ***Avatar Of Donn***

I believe Etive might still be on Arawn from time to time... Loopworm quit right after the first beta finished up. Alba quit about a month ago. Richard is part of the development team, but he doesn't seem to be active on the forums anymore, unless the developers all use the admin account on the foru...

Re: Weight

That was generally the case, unless you had an above average bonus towards your saving throw. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you could usually negate being overburdened if you simply had around 1d10+4 (1d20+6) saving throw bonus for fumbled rolls. It's been a few years, so I might be a bit rusty with ...

Re: Weight

I believe fumble is only based on skill and ability level.
Move speed is a non-variable.
The only plate armor mages can wear is pre update.

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