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Re: Avalon throughout the years

Are the people in every picture the most active of every class in their respective time-frame? The people in the pictures are those that deserved their armour first/put in a huge contribution to camping, slaying bosses etc. It isn't just due to activity, it's solely based on their effort and contri...

Re: Let me explain

Ergh. This is not hacking, hacking is exploiting the game using third party software/malware which is used to infiltrate the safe guards within the servers of the game. What happened here is a classic old scam, and you fell for it. Happens all the time, a lot of people fall for these things.

Re: Selling Transformation Charms

I am interested in grabbing one if not two:) cant seem to find you online is there a time we could meet so i can check out your collection:) ign name Kookin Yatoasty or might be on furyon:) Send me a mail when online, and I should get that notification via email! Or ask a clanny and they may perhap...

Selling Transformation Charms

Look like your fiercest foes, with transformation charms; Selling Transformation charms, that are now rare and unobtainable. Prices vary from 50k etc - dependent on rarity and population of the item. Send me a mail in game or PM me here if your interested, have a query or wonder which one you may be...

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