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Re: Griefing

I would say that is a very poor way to attempt griefing at Gelebron. One of the main objectives is to keep it the crystals down. As soon as they spawn they get pounded on and dispensed with immediately. So anyone attacking them is a blessing!!

Re: Pureness

I believe Healemup is onto something important. He has raised valid concerns for both the gamers and VR/OTM. In order to keep the gamers motivated to continue with the game and thereby keep VR/OTM in business, there must be a balanced and realistic way for the gamers to meet the challenges that the ...

Re: Wolf gang

Yes! Very sorry to hear of this conduct. We as a clan do not agree with this kind of ugliness. The leaders would like to know who this is from Mabon/Wolfgang if one could ever be certain who it is.

Mabon's Doch Gul Warrior

We are privileged to share that we now have our first full Doch Gul warrior on Mabon in our clan Wolfgang. He stands strong with the other Doch Gul classes that we possess. We now have a warrior, mage, rogue, and ranger completely outfitted in Doch Gul armor.

Re: Mabon's Doch Gul Ranger

Congrats guys! Umm how long wud it take you to fully gear one person if only they are focused with 1 gele a week ? you guys done it thrice XD Well it only took us seven weeks between gearing our Rogue and now our Ranger. If we did only kill one Gelebron a week it would take fifteen weeks because th...

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