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Re: Old players still play?

Well i have been playing since 2011 and I've taken long breaks from CH many times! with that being said I've now been grinding to be able to wear and use my new gear and find the game enjoyable again. i will say though once VR releases their next project most of my time will be devoted to that.

Re: Warhammer

Hey! This is more directed to the developers of celtic heroes. Is gameplay going to be similar. I am aware people are going to comment stuff like: WhY wOUlD tHey MaKe neW GaMe If tHEy HaVE ch. I would just like to know the answer to any of these questions from any admins/developers! <3 Please no ha...

Re: Favorite PS2 Game?

flipSIDE wrote:Final fantasy xii
Gta San andreas

Glad gta sa ported to mobile. Still waiting for ffxii, square enix are really good at porting games so hopefully it'll come soon

I Agree with GTA SA!


So I have a red mask of lugh, black coven hat, pumpkin head, and 10% dragon staff. Willing to give this stuff for 20 chests on epona because I do not play on crom anymore. You can reply here or send me mail in game on crom name is falgren.

Re: Stock market

be0wulf wrote:I'm thinking about investing into some cheap stocks nothing too crazy, anyone have some ideas on what company's might be good to look into?


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