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Sparkly Lanrik

I'm still looking for a sparkly red hat, and sparkly turq pants and gloves(lanrik). If you have any of these let me know pls I will make a great offer thx!!

Transfer from lugh to epona

Hi guys some of you may know me if you played in lugh I'm a old high level player with a great reputation I want to start over in a new server as mine doesn't have much noobs, I have everything from fashion to gear since 2012 if anyone is interested let me know I just need a 100k-300k to start my ne...

Nates shop of goodz BEST PRICES!

Hey what's up guys I'll be selling some stuff for real cheap, talking about the LOWEST PRICES you'll find so here we go. First up is Lola she's a real high class girl likes long walks on the beach and jewelry Next up we got Candy she's your average kinda gal with a extra kick to her, she likes anima...

A bit about Lugh the real truth

RUN RUN AWAY AND DONT LOOK BACK The people of Lugh are nuts. Crazy even!!! Let me start from the beginning and explain My names Natedog ive known these lands for as long as I can remember. Life here was great at first I mean going to the tavern for mead and wenches partying in carrowmore with the ca...

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