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Re: Name change - Admins?

Muldar wrote:Afraid we do not currently name change by request.

Name changes will only be performed under extreme circumstances (harassment, offensive name, etc)

Perhaps OTM could make an exception for those who typed Rogue and had it auto-corrected to Rouge?

Re: Environmental Exploitation

Shadae, It's a bit tiresome to get being accused of cheating. As I explained elsewhere, what you see is not the same as my actual location in the map due to the lag since I beat the clock by skipping the animation. Secondly, it would make no sense whatsoever for me to glitch out of the map while fis...

Re: Join hernes community band.

timmyturner wrote:Haha, after groupie went down this was the next best thing that worked really well. Lots of ch people use it so thought a herne band group would be cool. Would also make it easier to buy and sell items

It's part of the job description for groupies to go down.

Re: selling and buying

Serethem wrote:
eda wrote:SELLING
anus defence ring

Id like to know where u can find one of these.

That's to prevent the bearer from being reamed by Remia Blackstone.

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