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Re: Crom to Arawn

Hey mate I got a fair bit in Morrigan if u can't get one to Arawn I could sell a lot and make a few mill and be an easy trade

Re: SCAMMER in a clan

Ah get messed mate, of course you would be the one to post about it, there's not a single bit of evidence to say this person has scammed unless you have some don't even bother posting this crap

Server xfer Morri to crom

Hey guys I got some what decent amount of gold and pretty nice items in morrigan, if anyone has gold in crom or an item and want it x fered to morrigan, please hit me up look even if it's 5 k what ever! Bit by bit helps name on morrigan shredd in crom shreader thanks all!

Re: Want to join morrigan

I have 1 mill atm and a spectral ammy 80 % mount a bit of lux.. I will sell lux to trader if I must for money I got 2 lvl 100 req axes and a 150 if you really interested pm here or mail shreader on crom I'll give u a full list mate

Want to join morrigan

Hey cromlings this post is for those wanting out of crom, I have much gold and Lux to start you up. I just want to join crom cause I have had enough leveling just wanna run round killing things :) bosses haha, HAVE A GREAT DAY, hit me up shreader in game

This is a xfer to morrigan :)

I think its time to compare

I think it is time we compared last years halloween amulet, The Spectral Tailsman of the Midnight to the new amulets in this years lux store. My opinion on the topic is that the spectral Tailsman is still number one. May have lower regen but it still gives to both and a permanent 100 magic damage to...

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