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Re: Solitaire

@Mike: Lav was the creator/owner of Soli.
@Lav/Tana: I will try busting out some lvlin in pocket legends.

Re: Solitaire

Solitaire is run by LaVerne, but its members have the true say in things. Its a democracy not a dictatorship.

Re: Ks + lost resurrection idols- all who hate ks read

Gwydion has always been different than the rest of the servers and sad to say that Gwydion has caught up to the rest of the servers. All the clans had an understanding group formed back down. Well there is a new clan with plat players who have taken over and dont care about respecting the other play...


I hate to say it but theone has ruined the game for alot of people...not all members are like that though. I can see where you are coming from DV but i wouldnt condemn chuck for it. Krig and almost everyone else has been helpfull...to me at least, its just a few select people, and they still know ho...

Re: Equipment / Leveling Advice

your not going to like my advice but save for heroic rejuve ammy. It does more rejen than quiver and its only 50K more. While you may think thats impossible its not. Took me 5 months to get it but it is possible. The best way to make money is through bosses. Kill dustwither bosses they range around ...

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