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Re: Open beta

Pixxie wrote:
DontHate wrote:Ive now got the mail, but i cant download any beta app yet?

Yeah I don't think testflight has sent the email yet.

But other people who entered already got an email?

Re: Open beta

What do I do when I am in the beta testers tab on the forums, but I dont have an email? Does anyone know what to do, cause I think something might have gone wrong with my email :/

Re: A little about

I might be a little late, but I must say that I think it is hard to find a clan, apart from Blaze, Resurgence and TheOath, where there wont be any chatting, (I've never been in Resurgence or TheOath, but I'm assumimg most are doing other things than chatting) if Evolve annoys you of many people talk...

Re: Fearsome Foe Competition - Win rare unique prizes!

Name: Sunniva World: Arawn Design texts and drawing: ---- Goddess of Snow. Every year when winter is coming, the Goddess of Snow and her hounds appear. They try to make sure you will have a winter like never before. This year everything is different. The Goddess's Snowflakes of Frost are stolen and ...


Hii everyone on Arawn!
I'm actually look for Dutch people who play this server. If you're Dutch, just PM me in Arawn, and I'll add ya. (:

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