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Re: Ranger Without Str

Honestly, I prefer strength over dex. I used to be a dex junkie, but realized that the benefits of running a strength build outweighed a dex build. You will eventually find yourself being unable to kill mobs quickly and efficiently and struggle to stay alive. I run an auto build, maxing out double, ...

Re: Fashion question to OTM

They should just have all the colors and there are different rarities to those colors.
For example, white, black, blue, red, orange and whatnot are worth the same to appease the poor few. However, there is a different tier to them in which people can get a rarer black, blue, red, orange and etc.

Re: Ammy selection

On the road to level 150. I'm stuck between 2 ammys I want to use. Which would be better for me. Stargem of the stormcaller: Adds permanent 120 cold damage and 200 str plus skill that raises attack. Or Wyldshrine of the Sun: Adds 150 str and vit Plus skill that does piercing damage to nearby enemy ...

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