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Re: Best choice of plat usage?

Regenleif wrote:why not get elixirs?

Well i do want to get elixers, with leftover plat and any extra plat i attain i would. But my main focus is getting proper gear for my classes so i can make leveling easier. Plus, i can afford lixes with gold, but not the sigils or the lux

Re: Best choice of plat usage?

@T-Rhexx: tyvm for the quick response and i see your reasoning behind your answer and see it as a very wise choice.

@keridwyn: i play all classes, but cannot decide which to pimp out. Atm i am playing a ranger the most and find it rather enjoyable. So i guess getting my ranger pimped out.

Best choice of plat usage?

I am wondering which of THESE options is the best viable option for spending plat. A) 600 health and 1200 energy sigils on a druid B) 600 health and 1200 energy sigils on a mage C) 1200 health and 600 energy sigils on a ranger D) 1200 health and 600 energy sigils on a rogue E) 1200 health and 600 en...

Re: Dual devicing Start

Rogue and druid for fast leveling and good bossing. Ranger and druid for good leveling and really good bossing. Mage and druid if u have enough money to afford sigils for each. Warrior and druid if u want to be able to boss more endgame, but leveling is slow. All in all i would highly reccomend drui...

Re: Ranger Help anyone?

One thing i would reccomend is a quiver from the ow lux shop, cuz it has regens, dex boost, and damage with a lvl requirement of 50. Its 250k in shop, but people usually sell for around 150-175k but u can try getting it cheaper He could choose between amulet or quiver Try to get for 120-150 Yup tha...

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