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Re: Tzunami

http://celtic-heroes.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=66248 I find it funny how everybody changedtheir mind in 5 months. And what happened since than till now, Tzunami left lugh made a post with hopefull bs words and asked/bribed people in game to vote +1. @cecil i gave my stuff to a friend and ye...

Re: My Sincerest Thanks

Poisonouslugh wrote:Make everyone do the work and refuse to help others the rey motto ... ow wait let's do a gratsy me on full mage dl as well....

Sounds like instant ;)

Re: Tzunami

Cecil wrote:
demannen2 wrote:-1 you spoiled the fun to much in the past

You gave away your account why are you voting on the forum?

Lol i gave away my account? Thats new for me, who told you that?

Re: Server rules question

I am not refering to alliance im refering to you and your epona slaves btw stop thinking you are always on the right sight because you clearly arent Also you clzim your clan is generous still waiting a year on purple crown and horn that i lend instant. still dont got it back and wont see it back i g...

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