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Re: Ban myself..

Gandorf Biggums wrote:If you talk to support theres a chance you get your character back but your lux, gold, etc is porbaly gone :/

I hope so

Ban myself..

Ok so recently i was trying to get on the account, and I saw that all my info were changed. Idk who did that but just go report " Cysero ". I feel sad but I have to do it :/


Hey guys, I have let yesterday my little cousin play on my character.
Sorry for whatever he have done on it.

Re: The most op skill?

Loco cola wrote:
Cysero wrote:
WHITExLOTUS wrote:Taunt :)

Taunt would be great in real life for the desperated people looking for a girlfriend. :lol:

Guy 1: so howd u meet?
Guy 2: i aggrovated her


Re: My first ever job

I highly suggest applying for a hospital job either patient sitting or environmental services they start the ENVIRON TECH I at $10.81/hour at the place I work at. Many people start at fast food or a restraunt but a good starting goal I suggest the healthcare career selection. Problem is that I need...

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