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Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

I noticed someone said the dragons should spawn faster.

Would you like it if we doubled the rate at which they spawn?

We could implement this change today and patch it into the game in time for the weekend if you like the idea.

Or we could keep it as which would make the new armours more rare and valuable.

let me know which you prefer.

Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Of course admin dragons must spawn way more fast coz camping them for 5 hours is just lame
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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Having rare is cool and all that but someone could be on for 4 hours and. It see one which is not cool would like to see spawn faster as its more fun for more people :D
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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Yes please increase spawn times.

I guess the armor wont be as rare anymore, but everytime something is made very hard to get people begin fighting, and ksing and dramas begin. People are much happier when they can get armor a little easier. Plus there are many people in each world and eeryone deserves a chance at getn some drops.

At the end of the day its a celebration and everyone should be having fun. So definately increase spawns.
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Re: Should we increase the green dragon spawn rates?

Ok, here's an idea:
Lvl50 dragon
spawn time- 30mins-1hour
Lvl90 Dragon
Spawn time- 1hr 30mins-2hours
Lvl140 Dragon
Spawn time-2hrs 30mins-3hours

Now these spawn times work as they are similar to the system used for the Christmas event- the wolf took 1hour, the Connacht bosses took 2 hours and winterking took 3 hours. (obviously we cant use these exact times as spawns have been randomized. That's why I think a 30min gap, which the enemy can spawn randomly in that time frame, shall flush out the timers.
Thnx, Pre
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