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Testing frenzy


I’m new to the forums so sorry in advance xD
Basically I have been testing frenzy because I read it lasts about 10 hits. I wanted to try for myself though.

After numerous tests I found that with a weapon of 3100 speed, I could hit 18 times. Multiplying that gives 55800. Using a weapon of 5000 speed hit 11 times, also multiplying to around the same at 55000 even.

Using 55000 as a basis, you can divide your weapon speed from it to see how many hits you’d manage without any skills in between. A weapon with 2100 speed would hit 26 times just about. This does not include haste effects which you would have to take away percentages to find the correct answer.

Has anyone else tested this and come up with different or similar results? Please let me know!
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Re: Testing frenzy

Nice experiment :) Frenzy lasts 60 seconds, and weapon attack speed is measured in milliseconds, so for a 3100 attack speed weapon you would expect a maximum of 60 / 3.1 = 19 hits. That maximum would be if everything were perfectly timed, so 18 is about the best you would get.
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