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Who Owns CH?

So I remember the news that OTM sold Celtic to VR, and the splash screen in game for a time showed Virtual Realms instead of OTM. But upon returning to the game I see that it shows OTM once again, and Difinitus said in the WHO Discord that CH is not owned by OTM. Also, on the VR website it says that VR developed CH and not OTM.

So did OTM not shut down? Is it alive again? Who developed CH? I'm very confused on who owns what and who's developing for what considering that Difinitus and Schwing are moderating for CH and WHO. Thanks to anyone who can provide info.

Also, on a side note I'm pumped for WHO as well as the new CH update.
Would you kindly?


Re: Who Owns CH?

I stated that Celtic Heroes is "owned and controlled by the same people." Game leadership remains unchanged.

In the simplest terms: Virtual Realms is the developer and One Thumb Mobile is the publisher.

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