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Re: New item drop locations

-MF- wrote:I got an apostate yesterday - yes they still exist!
Unfortunately I didn't see the kill though since I was afk farming with just auto attack on and randomly found it in my inventory later.
Seems like it's easy to kill.

did you got it from a wizard or from a guardian?

Re: New item drop locations

The +10% speed neck that was listed, I got a higher tier version of it a while back. It's +30%. Got it off some random add next to 180 a while back. Don't even think it was an special add, might of been, but was focused on killing 180 and one of the adds died and the neck dropped to me. Lol

Re: New item drop locations

Larkspur wrote:


I’ve seen pictures of this and the kelpie one but still missing the volcanic ring spot. In the first post of this I read that it’s supposed to drop from a fire horse and since the ghost and kelpie both stand still I assume it’s the one standing at the rock. That’s the only spot of the 5 that doesn’t move.
If I’m wrong or anyone knows better please enlighten me :)
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