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Merging servers/bring back event luxes and bosses!

I've come to notice a couple of "dead" servers I wonder if VR has any interest in merging 2 servers? Idk how itd be done but I would assume that it's possible? Also the whole idea on bringing back seasonal lux shop, mount shops, and seasonal bosses! I'm getting bored with using the same legacy items and killing legacys and opening the same chests for old fashion I already have, the legacy bosses are fun but so rare, I want to see new events for a new experience. I understand that they're comming out with new fashion but only like twice a year and we havent even seen a new set come out yet. Aeons cool but cmon give me something new and exciting! Jester was just a meme and demonheart looks pretty sweet. Give me new mounts, new jewelry, and new fashion! The last time had had something nice that was cool was 2015... all I'm asking for thank you!

Re: Merging servers/bring back event luxes and bosses!

would be cool if they had ideas to add new bosses similar to mordy and necro for example to help the lower clans around the 180-210 level or a boss which is between aggy/hrung around that level not just New 220 Bosses all the time maybe each boss they add they should add other bosses for midgame players and lowers which will help them stick to the game and carry on their own grind

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