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Noob question -.-

Looking through the data base it says something about a ‘crypt’ necro ring that adds dagger ability and a ‘resurgence’ ring that adds bow ability from necro both rings kind of meh but wanted to know if they were removed or not? And why they was removed. Noob question I know .-.

Re: Noob question -.-

ew gross please no.

h2h user lives don't matter.

I don't want my loot table cluttered with h2h items no one is gnna use. h2h was a mistake to begin with. Its just a fun thing to try out but if you were serious about having a good build you wouldn't try a serious h2h build even if ability rings were in the loot table for all raids.

Its only wanted because its gone. People wanted bandage wounds from mord gone but now that it is, the more people suddenly want them now.
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