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Re: I see people who are litteraly on forums all day every day.

Mind wrote:Lol it varies, but I can’t exactly be in game at work, but I can have an extra tab open in my browser, so when ever I need to zone out, I generally snoop through here a bit. And I do enjoy talking to some of you guys <3

Yeh alot of people do. What do the admins do @diff
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Re: I see people who are litteraly on forums all day every day.

When I’m active maybe 2-3 hours a day. I usually keep the forums open in a separate tab during class and during lulls I’ll quickly check what’s going on.
I get bored quite often though so it happens a little bit more than that if I’m really being honest :lol;
At max I maybe spend 4 hours on forums a day, really just depends if anything exciting is happening .-.
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