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Re: Green stat numbers

The first number is your base value (how many points you have in the stat).

The green is your adjusted number (eg. wearing a bracelet that increases your STR or something).

Since you say your green number is one point higher on all your stats, I would hamper a guess that you are wearing a Siglet of Lir's Ring from the starter quest. That boosts all stats by one.

Take off the ring and you will see your base numbers only.
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Re: Green stat numbers

yes what the other two guys said

the white number shows how many points you put in the stat
the green shows how many you actually have in the stat after all boosts have been applied

if you read the description on the signet of lirs you will see that it adds one to each stat hence the green numbers are 1 higher than the white
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Re: Green stat numbers

The green numbers on your stat could mean your skill, the numbers become green if you achieve the level on professional skill in the game.I numbers is orange and is also mean a level of professionality in the game. A few weeks ago i have checked my KPD and is was 1111 which means that I play better then the standard user and my statistic is better. I become very interested in these numbers and find on the internet the numerological meaning of 1111 here https://www.sunsigns.org/angel-number-1111-meaning/.
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Re: Green stat numbers

Rubickon wrote:thanks for information guys!

Would just like to mention that, while this information is still correct and relevant, this thread was last active in 2013 so it's not likely the original posters we'll see this response.
:) just a reminder that some old posts might not be correct if the game mechanics have changed since then, so if in doubt, ask again in a new thread. :D
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