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Re: Thoughts on Warhammer: Odyssey?

Evievi wrote:
Angmar Reid wrote:I think it looks interesting and could have potential. But... I think it’s already been done. As far as general concept, I mean... you got the characters that use some sort of spiritual power, the guys that use guns, and of course the people who use axes and bows and arrows. I’ve tried multiple games that already have these. It just... doesn’t seem unique—unlike CH. Which makes me sad if they’re putting more effort into this new Warhammer game than Celtic Heroes. ... Shortened for the sake of our sanity.

Great words. Im happy one of the guides speaks up for us.

I just love Celtic Heroes and it’s community. It would be a shame to see it fade... or even to see it practically replaced even if it’s still kicking. But Romeo also has a good point... also consider what he is said.
Edit: but I want to say thank you for your comment. It is extremely encouraging to me that you believe I am representing you well.

Romeo wrote:The game isn't going to die Schwing was very clear about that in his post. There's plenty of mobile gaming companies with more than one game so why can't vr have more than one game? Definitus also told us the next update is all about fixing bugs and all that. Some people on here are dangerous and putting thoughts in people heads about the game dieing, u shouldn't listen to them. The only people I listen to about things concerning this are the ones with red names, u should probably do the same.

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Re: Thoughts on Warhammer: Odyssey?

This decision makes me sad. In the past, my experience with mobile games going this route has always lead to the death of the first game for multiple factors. Mainly the focus shifts and the original game gets less and less quality updates. I for one will be bowing out because of this. No need to put more time and money into something that's now a side project no matter who says otherwise. Best of luck to all of VR and I hope the new game is a big hit! Table top warhammer is amazing so I hope they do it some justice:)
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