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Re: Bejewelled egg

Yea they do drop. I received one after about 500+ wisps, the drop rate is ridiculously stupid plus making the eggs non tradable but the hats tradable? Why not make them both tradable. To be able to get highest tier glimerwing ostara hat is going to require a huge amount of hours put in, not worth it.

Re: Bejewelled egg

You can also turn in 1000 regular ostara eggs for 1 bejeweled. It seems to be a similar drop rate as the previous event but requires fewer for the effect hats. Personally I like it cause it requires a lot of dedication but isn’t impossible and you can’t just buy your way there. It’s certainly much more forgiving than last event where I farmed nearly 20k extra candles to get the orange effect hat then had a bunch of extra candles to just try and sell. With this new mechanic I could have turned in for 20 more golden candles and got a higher tier hat. That’s why the regular eggs have to be no trade as well.
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Re: Bejewelled egg

To be fair this hat quest is easier than the previous hat quest because of the trade in system. Last event it took getting 55k normal candles which were useless just to get the 80 golden ones needed to receive the white particle hat. With the current trade in system the time investment has been significantly cut down.

Re: Bejewelled egg

Has anyone tried just taking a normal egg and bejeweling it?
Idk, but it seems counter intuitive to wait to kill a whisp to find an egg someone else bejeweled if you can just do it yourself ;)

On another note, the drop rates seem similar to golden candles for last, and a good number of players got the top effect version.
I think these drop rates are okay. Only one or two super dedicated hunters should get the top effect version in my book.
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Re: Bejewelled egg

Hi , i think there is a bug all across lirs reach all mobs dropping x1 ostara egg. Might wanna check thanks!

Nvm^ i would suggest making it more common to receive bejeweled egg kinda impossible to get 100k+ eggs for all colors with effect :(
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