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Learn the Difference Between Shout and Say

I don't care who you are or what clan you belong to, learn how to be respectful to other players. BAD example of respect winner is Cooper from Everfear. He thinks he has to shout EVERYTHING he says. I asked him to stop and he blatantly ignored me. His fat head needs to get off his high horse and realize No one wants to hear his random crap. EVERYTHING he has been saying in the past half hour that I've been logged onto the server should be in the "say" command.

If this is remains this way, the Everfear clan should be ashamed of themselves to have such a rude person in their clan.
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Re: Learn the Difference Between Shout and Say

First of all, I'm sorry about our members, I will take care of this as soon as possible. Your the first person I ever met who takes such a offense out of this. I noticed how people do this before but it's never been a problem. By the way, DO NOT mix the whole clan in this just because of one or two people. If you read our thread at all you will see how I recruit "NO DOUCHES". Meaning this clan is against those who bother other people.
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Re: Learn the Difference Between Shout and Say

Thanks Gysr....I have to agree with what Gysr said. We really do have a good core in Everfear. It is a good group of players who understand the game. I know the core of this group wants to be respected but they also respect others. Read my Rant/Post http://www.onethumbmobile.com/celticheroes/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1271&sid=8834715053e5578371f88864551e61af

I believe most of our members share my thoughts. Anyway when the worlds are able to play together we want to be known as great clan.
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Re: Learn the Difference Between Shout and Say

I would prefer we had a 'general chat' that encompasses the area, rather than 'shout', and also the option of reporting people for spam (that if it got a large enough petition the player would be mute for say, 5 mins, then if continued 30, then an hour, then a ban).
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