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Quick Newbie Questions

I am currently leveling a rogue (lvl 8).
I am happy with the dmg and leveling speed.
I especially love being able to sneak around.

a) Are Sigils of Health/Energy absolutely essential when solo playing a rogue for regular quests ?. From the tooltip I can see that these sigils helps reduce the downtime and do not provide any combat bonuses.
From youtube videos I am seeing players with sigils from 100 even upto 500..! ..It would mean that they have spent around $50 on that character alone. Is that really the case ?

b) From the mount vendor in farcrag I could see that the mounts are obtained only via mount tokens but these mount tokens are available from seasonal chests, player exchange or fishing drop.
Cannot I buy a mount from platinum shop ?

Re: Quick Newbie Questions

Hey there!

At your level, I'd say keep grinding through the quest line before investing in too much gear (if you're going to outgrow it soon, no use in spending a lot on it).

A: yeah, regen is always gonna be a problem so sigils can be a good investment (NOT from the plat shop lol, that'd be a bit excessive; purchase with gold from other players who've bought chests (they're 10-12k each for a crate of them on Lugh I believe). However, if you want a less intimidating investment, you can buy lux to help you out (a heroic ammy (20/20 regen) goes a long way and can be resold).

B: Battlemounts can also be purchased with bounty tokens earned from daily bounties (pay attention to the level reqs on these (I've accidentally upgraded it beyond my level before lol)), mount tokens can also be purchased from other players who opened chests with gold (50-65k-ish on Lugh I think). Additionally there're some classic mounts (can't use weapons on them, but they don't leave when you die) that can be bought from other players but you'll have to shell out a few hundred k on them.

Hope this helps and good luck!
P.S. (warriors are better than rogues)

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Re: Quick Newbie Questions

vpy wrote:"you can buy lux to help you out (a heroic ammy (20/20 regen"

I have seen this word "lux" often but wat does that mean

Hey there! Welcome to CH!

“Lux” is a piece of jewelry or weapon you buy from a specific vendor or other players. They are extremely helpful, regenerating your energy and/or health while in combat. I used to have a really good one and I never ran out of energy. The higher the level of the lux the more energy or health it regenerates. Some luxes only regen health, or they regen energy but the more expensive ones regen both. There’s a Vendor in Farcrag for lower levels by the arena entrance who sells some for lower levels. But I’d advise you wait until maybe you unlock Shalemont... you outgrow the Farcrag luxes fast and generally can’t resell.

I hope you enjoy the game! Be careful with Rogue by the way... they can be hard and expensive to gear.
I’m a guide! I’m here to help. If you have any questions or just wanna talk, send me a PM!


Re: Quick Newbie Questions

Personally I don't think you really need sigils until your level 150, it helps to get it earlier on but it's not needed. Luxuary items that regen energy will do until then and your gunna need them. First one should be from the shalemont vendor, think it's 90k for the 20 energy regen ammy. Next energy regen item will be at level 50 from the otherworld vendor, the 10 per tic energy brace from there is 100k (stupid thing is u can't get into otherworld untill level 60 but the items are level 50 req). U can get an offhand weapon that regens energy but I always chose damage. Level 1-80 this'll do u good, 80-150 your still gunna be waiting around quite a bit but it's bearable.

Unless your willing to buy mount tokens from players it's gunna take about 3 days to get the tokens from bounties to get your first brown mount, if u do all 7 bounties every day. Idk any other way to get mounts without buying older ones from players but there a lil expensive.

Re: Quick Newbie Questions

vpy wrote:"you can buy lux to help you out (a heroic ammy (20/20 regen"

I have seen this word "lux" often but wat does that mean

vpy wrote:"you can buy lux to help you out (a heroic ammy (20/20 regen"

I have seen this word "lux" often but wat does that mean

Ok I just thought I'd clarify.

Lux is short for luxury (which you probably already figured out), and it's the "title" given to certain vendor npc's in the game. Eldon in farcrag castle is one for instance (I think he reads luxury item trader?). Lux is any item sold by one of the luxury vendors, many of which are regen items. They are generally pretty powerful and expensive, the thing is by the time you get enough gold for one you are often high enough level to get the next. It's really something you have to plan for, so you have the right amount of gold at the right time to get the best use out of it. If you do buy platinum in the early levels it changes the game a lot, (the game inside the game of course, what good game doesn't have one?) you can make some bigger investments earlier on, but for more info on that I suggest N00b plat question on the forums, though keep in mind that was for a druid, not rogue. There are some people (probably a few) that have spent thousands of dollars on their characters, I would say it is a pay to win easier type of game, but many of us haven't spent a penny. I think it's safe to say though that the majority range between 100$ and less.

The best advice to get a mount is probably Mind's. Daily bounties give on average one hunters favour and it takes 25 of those to get the first mount.

As for leveling a rogue, I would agree it's best you level as high as you can before buying anything at all really. If you could make it to level 80 with the starting dagger I would do it, (which is when you get the next quest dagger), but that's a little unrealistic. I can't remember the level requirement for the ancient langsax but if you get that one as soon as you can, it should take you to level 80. For early investements it's better imo only to worry about that and a few skills. As you may have noticed you can't buy many of the best rogue skills from npc's, only from other players who have gotten them from mobs. These include shadow strike (SS), life steal(LS) and riposte. They should cost you less 50k with SS possibly going for a little more but if you get a good deal you could squeak it under. If you like sneaking around that's cool, unfortunately it's not particularly usefull in CH. If you haven't noticed you can actually sneak attack without hiding, you just select a mob, and use the skill so that your character runs up to it and goes (at least it worked that way last I played my rogue). There are a lot of good rogue guides though I do find they lack on the beginner level and kinda skip to where you already have all the skills mentioned above which you could get to 100 without SS, so not that useful.

If you have any questions pm me, and I'll try my best to answer them.

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