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Hey all.

Hey guys MotherPigeon is checking in. I was looking for some mmorpg that will bring back the WoW experience to me and I think, I've found it it. Well so far so good. However if there is someone out there who is willing to show me hidden magic of celtic world, let me know :D
Coo coo.

Re: Hey all.

Hope you enjoy the game, loads of info can be found on the forums with a bit of searching and our community are generally a pretty helpful bunch to new players.

I'm not a shortcut to support, don't expect a reply to PMs asking about support issues.

Re: Hey all.

Felicitations my fine feathered friend! :)
Welcome to the game and the forums, hope you enjoy yourself.
Look around on the forums for any info; if you have a question, odds are someone has/can answer it.
(Incidentally, which server are you on? :))
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