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Bounty event

So I saw that the event must of started by now so I went to do my bounties
After 3 item handins that I quickly finished it came up with the message that says I need a bounty pledge
Except I have completed 3 bounties only not 5

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Re: Bounty event

Very confused I now have a 6th free bounty :

Firblog scrap collection > Spells collection > claws collection > relog due to pledge issue > elite ravager > frostshots

That’s 5 now I just got firbolg choppers without a pledge

That’s 6 free but the boost was 5 free

Re: Bounty event

Hmm, just checked on a character right now and was only able to have 5 before it asked me to use a Bounty Pledge.

1 previous quest I already had in my log, plus another 4 I just did.

Anyone else experiencing this issue? Not that I mind one extra bounty, but would like to know if another can replicate.

Re: Bounty event

Ah I think I figured it out , I completed a couple before the daily quest restart came so they must have got a couple glitched inbeteween restart and yesterday as I had comepleted yesterday’s bounties

Oh well I guess I’m lucky

Re: Bounty event

Hay every1, just wanted to say ty for all the mini events and effort put forth by all on the game. I still love the game, and really appreciate all the passion from the players and team. Really cool. Keep it up!!! Still such an awesome game and I'm super happy it's still going. As I said before I'll support it till the end. Been playing for 4 or 5 years now. Ty every1 for sooooo much fun, hope to have even more!

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