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Few Questions as a Returning Player

I stopped playing this game when I started college, and I’m sorta getting back into it now. I just have a few questions. I’m lvl 172. Is when’s still the best for leveling or should I level in tower? Can anyone help me with specific stats/gear/skills for solo leveling?

My gear is as follows:

Ancient beastbone cowl, boots, pants
Beastbone jerkin
Dl gauntlets
Ancient wyrm dag
Bounty dag
Brightstone neck
Brightstone brace
80 str brace
40 magic dmg charm
Haste ring
+4/+3 ss ring
+5 riposte ring
325 hp sigs
158 energy sigs

Also, should I run sks or scs?

Level 172 Rogue

Re: Few Questions as a Returning Player

Hey welcome back! :)

With levelling, I’d stay in carrow until 181, lixing in the 80 pit is what most people do as it gives a decent amount of xp.

In tower, swapping to a predominantly str based build is probably better, due to more skill/auto dmg compared to dex, which pretty much only upgrades ss and ls. Gearwise, if soloing, maybe a bit more vit/hp, but that’s just my preference.

For skills, I used ss, dbl attack, qs, riposte (beastly for lvling), and ls for survivability. I used spear for levelling, pretty sure its better.

Scs are better for soloing but if you cant get your hands on them, sks with hp, energy and wisdom would work well.
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