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Re: Games graphics

Think Shalenont was kinda recently renovated since they added the rain to the area and cleaned the looks up a bit.

It would definitely be a very cool idea to revisit the zones, like Lirs Reach, Shalemont, Dustwither, etc, and add some content there for Endgame Players. As much as I like looking at highshore village and the green pastures, there isn’t much to do there in terms of bossing, although cooking and fishing it becomes very relevant.

As was noted in previous discussions, the art department on the developers side is small so new areas might be a ways off. Although by adjusting the already existing zones, it could potentially output new content faster than new areas. (Like that nice open ocean area in Lirs Reach )

although new areas are always cool 8-)

Re: Games graphics

I don’t mind a graphics update to sharpen colors, smooth out the weird sharp/glitchy edges, and maybe add a little texture is what I would go for. As a player who spent a lot of time in both areas, catacombs and stonevale, it was very strange to see them changed so drastically and I honestly didn’t enjoy the revamps a ton. Too much was changed that it ruined the area, catacombs just looks god awfully weird and stonevale I’m getting somewhat used too cause it still has somewhat of a resemblance to the old SV.

Crookback wasn’t really updated that much, a tunnel was blocked off and the graphics updated a tad, was done well in my opinion as it didn’t make drastic changes to the old zone.

Lirs was very well done as it really didn’t change anything at all. Maybe it’s just because of how big the area is, but the overall layout really didn’t seem to be affected what so ever.
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Re: Games graphics

Wolfenstien wrote:Lets not forget how many times otherworld was changed

I still can't get over the creep factor of the eyes :lol:
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