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Class movie suggestions

I thought I would ask for suggestions from the community. One of the classes I'm teaching this year is film studies. While the primary concentration will be on science fiction and cyberpunk, I will still be covering everything from silent films to current day movies. While I have a good list going on, one of the issues I'm running into is a large majority of the movies I watched in my film criticism classes were fine for the college students, they are not appropriate to show at high school.

I'd love to see some ideas from the community. Stipulations are no cursing, no nudity, no sex, no glamorizing of drugs and alcohol.
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Re: Class movie suggestions

The Martian,
(true story, so not really sci-fi, but...) Hidden Figures,
Independence day (the first one)
Monty Python and the Holy Grail I actually had a high school teacher make us take notes, lecture, and then quiz over this. It was just as awesome and ambiguous as you'd hope.

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Re: Class movie suggestions

A few that def. are okay for high schoolers:
A Little Princess (It is a well-written movie)
Iron Giant

I can't remember if these have nudity/sex or not. My parents were terrible at censorship. I sang along with the Rocky Horror Picture Show (which you should def do anyway) by the time I was 7.
Dark City
Vanilla Sky

I feel a lot of Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk has tons of nudity and sex...

Re: Class movie suggestions

F0SSIL wrote:- The Mummy (original ofc)
- The Count of Monte Cristo
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (original ofc)
- Dinosaurs
- Mrs. Doubtfire

Just some random faves:)

No mummy
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Good luck and keep on grinding :)

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